Real Search is India’s First Real Estate Forensic Reporting Services

If you are purchasing any property in India, it is very important to have forensic report and proper due diligence because Prevention is Better than Cure

We have 35 years of presence in Real Estate and have deep insight to real estate industry. We give research and content to Dow Jones, KPMG, CRISIL, Goldman Sach and many international clients.

On your behalf, we do all Research, Due Diligence, take Legal Certifications, Title Certificate, Revenue Search, Investigation of Builder, Project and Past Experiences. RERA Records etc. Besides this, we shall also look into SWOT analysis of the Project.

Non-resident Indians (NRIs) have been a significant segment of investors, in the Indian real estate market. NRIs generally buy properties in India for investment purposes or out of their emotional connection with their country and for settling back, once they retire. Looking ahead several laws has changed to ease the procedure on investment in Indian real estate. There is RERA to safeguard the investors/buyers and many other.

Count upon us to do all home work and due diligence for the property you want to purchase. We shall report on Price, People, Project and Prevention.

Our Services

We at Realsearch do a thorough home work for you. On your behalf we check all most every aspect of the property you intent to buy. We do a forensic analysis. We check at the starting point of purchase:

Legal Title of the Property

RERA Compliance

Provisions of Agreement for Sale

Project status and sanction plans and permissions from Municipalities

Legal Due Diligence

Builders and Developers history and past experience

ROC check for title verifications.

Title Verification and Legal Certificate while searching in Revenue Records.

SWOT Analysis of the project ( Strength, Weakness Opportunity and Threat).

Price Discovery and competition price in the vicinity.

Demographic features and analysis of the project/ property.

Price discovery for last few transactions in the same property.

Opportunity Loss / Gain analysis for purchase the property

Prediction of any upcoming surprises/ threats

Overall Forensic Analysis of the transaction process and parties involve.