Lucrative advertisements conceal the fact that they are bad properties. Either they do not have legal titles or having some compliance issues like non authenticated plans by Local Self Governments or violation of RERA provisions.

Often we do not know the hidden surprises which come up after we register the property after purchase. It could be legal title or already sold property or there some lien or charges created of any encumbrances.

Even though everything is fine but we do not know the history of developer and his capacity to complete the project or no. The history of developer, project and changing compliances needs to understand. After all its your hard earned money and life time savings.

Prevention is Better than cure.


Accommodation Times is India’s first newspaper on real estate since 1986. The paper have been in research data mining since last 32 years. The papers have been giving research contents to Dow Jones, Goldman Sach, KPMG, ICICI Securities, CRISIL, MMRDA, CIDCO, HUDCO, Avendus Advisors, IL&FS, HDFC, and huge numbers of real estate players and stockholders of the industry.

Having three decades of data and recorded historic events in real estate, the paper has witnessed four booms and three recessions. Have been watching closely various builder houses and their activities. Land owners, deals, merger and acquisitions.

A team of expert including researchers, legal advisors, real estate brokers and professionals and builders make a perfect destinations for you for any forensic reports on property either you want to buy or already brought but needs more information.

Our Services

We at Realsearch do a thorough home work for you. On your behalf we check all most every aspect of the property you intent to buy. We do a forensic analysis. We check at the starting point of purchase:

Legal Title of the Property

RERA Compliance

Provisions of Agreement for Sale

Project status and sanction plans and permissions from Municipalities

Legal Due Diligence

Builders and Developers history and past experience

ROC check for title verifications.

Title Verification and Legal Certificate while searching in Revenue Records.

SWOT Analysis of the project ( Strength, Weakness Opportunity and Threat).

Price Discovery and competition price in the vicinity.

Demographic features and analysis of the project/ property.

Price discovery for last few transactions in the same property.

Opportunity Loss / Gain analysis for purchase the property

Prediction of any upcoming surprises/ threats

Overall Forensic Analysis of the transaction process and parties involve.